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Brother James

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Brother James Norman as an S1W (Security of The First World), is one of the original members of Public Enemy, born and raised in Roosevelt (Long Island), NY. His career began in the earlier days of hip hop as a key member of a security company called “Unity Force” that was tasked to protect participants at live events created by a DJ group known as Spectrum City. Spectrum City would eventually evolve and transform into Public Enemy and its production team known as “The Bomb Squad”. As an S1W and member of Public Enemy, Brother James Norman’s role evolved from providing security and stage performance to taking on additional responsibilities, such as business and tour management pertaining to the group as they toured and traveled the world. Brother James Norman is also the CEO of Malik Entertainment and Co-Founder of S1W, LLC which are Entertainment Management and Production entities. Brother James Norman is also Instructor and Master of the Martial Art “Ketsugen Karate” and a noted speaker.


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