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Amelie Hamelin

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From taking ticket orders over the phone at her local performing arts center as a teenager to overseeing operations for pioneering digital events platform Flymachine, Amelie Hamelin has honed her lifelong passion for live events since her childhood in a small Quebec village. She moved from Montreal to Toronto in 2013 to begin a four-plus year stint with Ticketfly, where she grew her Venue Success team from seven to 25 people and then vastly expanded her purview in 2017 after Eventbrite’s acquisition of the company. With both ticketing entities, she oversaw training, support and service for the lifecycle of nearly 2,000 enterprise clients, from onboarding through renewal. After moving from San Francisco back to Canada in 2020, Hamelin joined familiar faces from the Ticketfly and Eventbrite worlds at Flymachine, where her problem-solving acumen and team-building expertise have helped the new company grow quickly. “I love building and working with teams, especially with the amazing women I’ve met along the way,” says Hamelin, a longtime Pearl Jam fan, avid reader and pandemic-era paint-by-numbers enthusiast. “The brains, dedication and determination of these ladies are what kept me going even through challenges. I firmly believe that teams that include and empower women perform at a higher level.”

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