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3:00 PM - 4:00 PM, International Marketplace
‘Meet the Experts’ Q&A Series – Moderator: Andrew Johnson
CAAMA in collaboration with CMW presents an opportunity to meet with key radio programmers from home and around the world. Build relation¬ships, exchange ideas and views on music and production. Meet face-to-face with key Canadian radio programmers, music directors and media influencers. Gain pointers on how to get a record on radio, what radio needs from you to make it happen. Capacity is limited. Register early, the earlier the better.

  • Andrew Johnson
    Station Manager, ELMNT FM (Toronto)

  • Jason Kramer
    Radio Personality, KCRW 89.9n FM, Eclectic 24, Music Supervisor, KCRW Media Center

  • Julian Tuck
    Producer/Programmer, CBC Radio / Radio-Canada