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Wednesday 04/19/2017
Osgoode Ballroom West
1:40PM - 2:30PM
(50 minutes)

Live Touring: Panel Discussion

Clubbed To Death: What’s Killing Our Historic Venues?

Toronto’s Hugh’s Room, host to the likes of Pete Seeger, Odetta and Ramblin, Jack Elliott, went dark the first two months of ’17. If it had died, it would have joined scores of defunct fabled clubs, like the Colonial, the Guvernment, Palais Royale, The Edge, The Bamboo and the Riverboat. In New York, CBGB is literally history. As fans wait on Dragon Michael Wekerle’s attempt to revive the El Mocambo, we ask if this is a comment on the state of live music, an ugly side-effect of gentrification, or if tomorrow’s club scene is incubating in a dive near you.