Year: 2023 | 2024

Paul Kaye

Vice President and Head of Audio ,
Rogers Sports & Media

Paul Kaye has worked in media & entertainment for over 20 years.  During this time Paul has conceived, commissioned, and produced radio shows, TV shows, podcasts, and live music events.  He has built a branded entertainment division that through innovative ideas has generated millions in revenue. He has created brands at the epicentre of cultural moments and won awards in recognition of that work.  But mostly Paul has built a reputation for asking “why not?”, building unrivalled creative teams and developing the confidence and performance of others.

Paul Kaye is Vice President & Head of Audio for Rogers Sports & Media/Canada, responsible for the strategic, financial, cultural, and operational leadership of the company’s audio portfolio which includes 53 radio stations and 2 podcast businesses.  Prior to his current role, he was VP of Music Brands & In House TV Productions where he was responsible for revitalising TV shows like Breakfast Television and served as VP/Head of Programming for the Rogers radio division, leading brand development across all formats (music & spoken word) nationwide.  Paul has worked in Canadian media & entertainment for over a decade and before that led radio brands across the UK.

Widely regarded for his skills in talent development, Paul has coached personalities & shows across Canada, United States and Europe in all market sizes.  Paul is a certified coach and when he’s not working with media teams, he coaches executives on enhancing performance and mentor’s young Canadian entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals.