Michelle Allman-Esdaille

Lead, Operations & Talent Acquisitions,
ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Professional Collective

Michelle Allman-Esdaille is the founder and owner of The Hook & Company, a Toronto based artist service marketplace for creatives and freelance Artist Managers and Entertainment Specialists. Alongside being a small business owner and an Artist Manager herself, Michelle is recognized as an artist strategist, consultant, industry speaker, mental health advocate and mindset coach specific to the creative space. Recently added to her roster, Michelle is the only recorded black female to own and operate her own sync agency in Canada under the business name The HOOK Sync Group. Being privy to race and gender biases within the music industry, it is important for Michelle to create spaces that are built specifically for underrepresented artists that fall in the BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and recognized as female community. Most recently, Michelle has taken on the position of Lead, Operations and Lead, Talent Acquisition at ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective. Her role includes providing strategic direction and leadership, identifying ADVANCE’s and their partners goals and expectations to successfully assist in job recommendation/talent acquisition across the music industry within Canada. This aligns with her focus of partnering with companies and organizations to help fill the skill gaps through training and upskilling channels for the Black community.

To add to the list, Michelle is a Reiki practitioner and author of a collaborative anthology book entitled “You Have So Much Potential – Inspiring Generation Healing & Transformation” with 29 other doctors and practitioners.