Year: 2023

Laura Ivey

Director of Research ,
Edison Research
Baltimore City County,

Laura Ivey is a Director of Research at Edison Research. She manages Edison’s content strategies and marketing and social media efforts. Laura is a member of the Share of Ear team at Edison and works with subscribers to understand and apply audio research. She utilizes the many original datasets from Edison, including those on radio listening, streaming, podcast listening and more, to help create the Weekly Insights series. She is a frequent presenter, both stateside and internationally.

Laura began her career in local radio sales in Knoxville, Tennessee, and applied that experience to her years at Arbitron and Nielsen. As a software trainer for radio station groups, she helped educate sellers and management on how to make the most of research. As a Group Sales team member, Laura worked with the largest radio ownership groups in the U.S. to maximize radio ratings research.

She earned a Master’s degree in Applied Sociology from UMBC, The University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and believes in the power of good research.