Laura Gonzo

Senior Director of Affiliate Services,
Quu Inc.
North Carolina,

Laura Gonzo is the Senior Director of Affiliate Services at Quu Inc., the trusted industry leader providing easy deployment of visual content for radio. She is well-known in the radio industry for her tenure overseeing Affiliate Relations for The Bob & Tom show, where she was instrumental in driving explosive growth in affiliate numbers and revenue.

As the self-proclaimed “Quu Concierge,” Laura draws on over 30 years of experience driving customer strategy across various industries as she oversees Quu’s operational and sales training programs. Her hands-on approach helps to ensure the successful implementation of Quu’s programming and advertising products and facilitates incremental revenue growth for Quu’s client stations.

Quu’s patented technology empowers radio stations to schedule and publish dynamic programming and sales messages on car dashboards. Local and network radio companies use synced Visual Quus like text, logos, and images to engage listeners and generate immediate incremental revenue.