Year: 2023

John Parikhal

John Parikhal + Associates

Having helped hundreds of companies in different industry verticals, John is recognized as an accomplished, award-winning global market researcher, trend-spotting leader, creative strategist and tactician, and creator of hyper-customized insight solutions that have helped companies identify the trends of tomorrow and profitably act on them today.

A small selection of the clients he has helped include Pepsi, Viacom, MTV, Rolling Stone, Disney, Scholastic, Fellow Health Partners, Corus Entertainment, Coastal Bridge Advisors, VH1, Zimmer Biomet, as well as hundreds of tier-one U.S. radio stations and media networks.



  • First to successfully reinvent post-college music TV, working with Viacom to shape, brand and deliver the format and content of the next-generation VH1, including “Behind the Music”

  • First to collaborate with a major American TV network to bring a formatted music video series to late night with NBC’s “Friday Night Videos”, the first content driver of its kind on U.S. TV

  • Identified a new customer segment for Pepsi-Cola, solving a 10-year-old marketing mystery

  • As an authority in health care marketing, worked with Fellow Health Partners to drive the branding, sales, and market research of this medical business solutions company, helping them bill out $400 million annually

  • Identified a huge hidden opportunity for Scholastic Publications, the publisher of Harry Potter books, as a way to transition from a sunset industry to a fresh growth category

  • Used 30 years of insights on how to profit from emerging trends to muscle out the competition and open new avenues of growth based on an innate understanding and vision of what is really going on. His insights include: The Overcommunicated World (1977); Instant Amnesia (1978); Decision Stress (1978); Status Substitution (1979); The Disappearing Middle (1989), The Rule of One (2012), and Healthquake (2020)

  • Has written more than 400 blogs and articles on communications, business, and human behavior, as well as the definitive generational classic “The Baby Boom: Making Sense of Our Generation at 40”

  • Successfully managed his global market research and marketing company for more than 30 years

  • Partnered with Philippe Denichaud to form Breakthrough Management, a business consultancy firm that helped billion-dollar pharmaceutical, financial, and electronics firms to learn, prosper, and grow even more

  • Led the team and developed the branding that won 2020 Summit International Awards Gold Medal for Financial Marketing

  • Used leading-edge segmentation tools to identify and focus on profitable opportunities, helping hundreds of radio stations achieve #1 dominance in their category