Gareth Jones

You Are Hear
Gareth Jones has been a staple in the Canadian music scene, as a leader in propelling emerging artists to national radio success as well as supporting established artists from here and abroad. His radio promotion & strategic management company You Are Hear reflects his enthusiasm for illuminating great music.
You Are Hear’s focus is the integral role of Canadian radio action in an artist’s career trajectory. Recognizing the complex path to success, You Are Hear engages with the full artist / project team right off the jump. The strategic management component they offer allows them to work with the team to define the longtail vision for a song or artist; A&R the music to define the singles and map out the precise timing for the rollout, not only to radio, but also DSPs. They then ignite, firing on all cylinders to deliver a full service regional and national radio campaign as part of the client’s global strategy.