Year: 2024

Erin Trafford

Story Studio Network (SSN)
Erin Trafford is the CEO of Story Studio Network (SSN) and co-founder of The Echo Podcast Network. Erin is an award-winning broadcaster and storytelling strategist with more than two decades of professional storytelling and on-mic/on-camera experience.

As a strategist, she’s helped develop integrated marketing for some of Canada’s largest brands; including Home Hardware, Giant Tiger, Craftsman Tools and Manulife Bank.

At SSN, she’s been on the forefront of podcasting not just for building brands, but also as a way to establish advocacy and fill ‘news vacuums’; working with clients in sectors ranging from not-for-profit, to forestry, mining and veterans affairs.

The Echo Podcast Network is based in North Bay, Ontario and was formed in 2023 in response to the rapid dissolution of local news media in that market.