Year: 2024

Carlos Juico

Jumpers Jump Podcast
Carlos Juico, 24, proud Filipino Canadian who hosts the Jumpers Jump Podcast with his childhood best friend. An aspiring film maker and actor, when Carlos is not climbing the TikTok most viral charts, he’s writing and directing his own short films. Currently he debuted his first film RAF a 3-part series on the first Filipino Spiderman. 

The Jumpers Jump Podcast is an internet phenomenon which boasts over 15 MILLION followers across platforms and has over 750 MILLION VIEWS on YouTube. The podcast which is still shot out of the hosts home studio in Toronto, ON showcase allows the Gen-Z host to share their opinions and wildly entertaining theories with fans across the globe. Jump in as Carlos and Gavin discuss topics like pop culture, streetwear, personal adventures, life as young creative entrepreneurs in Toronto who are ultimately finding success by venturing off the beaten path and following their passions. This is not your morning news podcast, Jumpers Jump is the perfect blend of true crime, commentary, comedy, and culture that anyone could ask for. Jump in!