Learn the Core Strengths of Creative Champions – A special Presentation by Wade Kingsley

(Presenter: Wade Kingsley) Everyone is creative, but not everyone believes they are. The difference comes from building confidence to be able to conceive original ideas and then get them out into the world.  So, what sets highly creative people apart from others? In all walks of life, those super creators – or Creative Champions as we call them – focus on developing three Core Strengths:

  • Curiosity: how to care about more things, ask better questions and gather more inputs
  • Connections: how to notice more opportunities, copy ideas, and recreate them in original ways
  • Courage: how to share your ideas so they stick, overcome fear, and handle rejection

If you want to be a better creator, you’ve got to work the muscle and improve the core strengths. In this interactive session, global Creative Consultant and Coach Wade Kingsley will show you the secrets of how Creative Champions work and show you the exercises you can learn to improve your creative fitness.



  • Wade Kingsley
    Global Creative Consultant and Creative Coach
    The Creative Coach
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Friday, June 9, 2023