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Band Information

Paul QuAnthem
Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Various Artists & Sesion Players
Guitar, Drums, Bass, Back Vocal
Main Contact
Paul QuAnthem
Label Contact
Paul QuAnthem
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QuAnthem is DIY solo recording artist composer musician from Ontario Canada, blending a rare more than four and half Octave vocal range, pushing his craft & boundaries in Alternative Art Rock genre, modernized synergic sound with bands like Pink Floyd, The Doors, Muse, Arcade Fire, and Coldplay.

Selected CMCTV & City TV Talent for Season 2, he Keeps rocking on iconic stages in Toronto (El Mocambo & Revival), CMW (Canadian Music Week), SAMW (South Africa Music Week) to global North American streaming events, festivals & platforms: Digital Music News, Midnight Magic, Planet Noise, Peach Music Festival, Heartbeats in L.A. (by Jam in the Van), QuAnthem’s successful charity Concerts “Live from Home Volume I & II”, delivering his emotional songs and performance on Global Music Festivals, Venues, and National TV.

All the released songs of QuAnthem have been highlighted and endorsed by the industry, indie scenes, and experts, empowering him in crafting his journey in innovative melodic sound & entrepreneurship with vast wave of listeners:

➢ #1 local, top 4 regional & 20 National Artist, consecutively since 2017 to date on ReverbNation chart.

➢ Selected CMCTV & City TV National Talent Artist, 2024.

➢ Top 3 Selected Grand Rock Finalist by show4me Music Awards 2022, UK, London.

➢ “Diamond Hearts” The Best North American Rock finalist by InterContinental Music Awards (ICMA) 2022, USA, CA.

➢ Receiver of “Making the World Happening” Award 2022 by AllEvents, on behalf of 10M+ event explorers & fans.

➢ “Diamond Hearts” achieved Fans’ Most Popular by show4me in 2021.

➢ Debut “Gently Truly” selected top Rock Artist picks by show4me in 2021.

➢ Top selected Artists by Indie Week Festival Cashbox Radio Canada in 2020.

➢ “Live it Now” Best North American Rock finalist by InterContinental Music Awards (ICMA) 2019, USA CA.

QuAnthem, the merge of “Quantum + Anthem”, portrays the power of love, empathy & compassion in his musical life journey, sharing successful charity concerts. His 7-year-old son has been an inspirational pillar in his music.

Honoured Masters in the Management of Technology, University of Waterloo, Canada, Computer Engineer, with extensive credentials in Entrepreneurial Agile Project & Product Management, SaaS, AI, & more, QuAnthem was always fascinated by the intersection of technology & creativity, & collaborated with other musicians, entrepreneurs, pioneers, Toronto Metropolitan University, & Northeastern University graduate studies, blending Art & Technology in exciting new ways on his music projects and releases.

While utilizing social media & streaming services to reach a million audience & plays around the world, his music received substantial waves of new audiences and fans with a 100X growth in just a few years.

Music has always been the driving motivational healing force that inspired him to pick several instruments since he was a kid, electrifying natural desire to compose and the final focus and innovative style on Keyboards & Piano, made it to performing & writing all instruments on QuAnthem songs, while mastering cross-disciplinary multi-instrumental methods & techniques.

QuAnthem has been actively participating and advocating member in industry events, collaborating with music professionals & influencers, with diverse & mainly young Canadian & Global music audience in the Rock & cross-genre-and-continents. Collaborating & co-producing his work with the likes of Juno award winners & industry top experts Justin Koop (Walk Off the Earth, Billy Talent) & Kevin Dietz (Randy Bachman, JJ Wild, The Cranberries).


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