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Band Information

Neon Cowboy
St. Catharines
Casey Baker
Marce Lanteigne
Scott Blake
Andrew Brandes
Lead Guitar
Trevor Speechly
Main Contact
Trevor S
Label Contact
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Neon Cowboy

Typically described as Alternative Rock, the dark and moody vibrations generated by Neon Cowboy rumble the earth beneath your feet. This five-piece ensemble is the incessant remains of Sleeper Set Sail, Crystalline, Half Twin, and Helicon Blue; all former Southern Ontario-based indie rock bands who made a mark in previous decades. After originally joining forces as an acoustic/folk project in Niagara in 2021, Neon Cowboy quickly identified their collective voice calling for something bigger, darker, stronger, and louder. Their low tunings and primitive percussion growl in contrast to the emotionally charged vocal harmonies and wailing delayed guitars. This band channels the frequency of the human condition.

Neon Cowboy itself is made up of a group of musicians who have been working together as a band for 3 years though some members have played together for over 20 years. The team was acquired based on individual musical strengths and overall contribution to the collective sound of the band. Casey Baker specializes in songwriting and is the designer of the message and concept of the songs. Trevor Speechly thrives at ensuring musical dynamics while he is an expert bass player. He serves as the band coach overseeing quality and accuracy of performance for the band. Scott Blake teaches percussion professionally and ensures that Neon Cowboy has a tasteful spectrum of technically assembled beats mixed with primitive poundings. Marcel Lanteigne provides an additional layer of overdriven guitar and ensures heartbreaking vocal harmonies are included in the songs. Andrew Brandes provides haunting lead guitar and noise tracks that provide ghostly ambiance and shrill tension.