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Band Information

Sector 5
Jules Spielmann
Bass Guitar
Sami van Hasselt
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Mika van Hasselt
Johann Brummer
Lead Guitar
Main Contact
Jules Spielmann
Label Contact
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Sector 5

Berlin-based Pop-Rock sensation, Sector 5, emerged from two brothers’ early fascination with bands like Nirvana and the Foo Fighters. Originally crafting rock music at the ages of 9 and 6, the duo evolved into seasoned performers with a signature sound that blends grinding guitar tones with catchy pop melodies.

Expanding to a group of four during their time at the British Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM), the current lineup includes Mika (lead vocals/guitar), Sami (drums), Jules (bass/keys) and Johann (lead guitar). All members contribute to the songwriting process, resulting in a diverse sound that spans rock, melancholic pop, and even hints of hip-hop.

Sector 5’s distinctive sound has graced notable venues like Gretchen, Cassiopeia, Festsaal Kreuzberg, and Lido, along with appearances at festivals such as ‘Blankit Festival’ and ‘Rocktreff.’ Their passion for music comes to life on stage as they strive to establish themselves in the vibrant Berlin music scene.

On December 16th, 2023, Sector 5 achieved a significant milestone by winning both the German Pop & Rock Prize and the Best Rock Song Award at the prestigious Siegerlandhalle in Siegen. This triumph follows their recent victory at the “Welcome to Europe” Song Contest at Europapark, where their final song, “Move to London,” garnered success on Amazon Charts, received widespread radio airplay, and even made its way onto television. Sector 5 continues to captivate audiences with their dynamic performances and genre-defying music.