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    Find out why Apple, Facebook, Samsung, HP, Snapchat, Pokémon, Google and Alibaba are investing billions into their AR/VR platforms to secure what will be a $150-billion new market by 2020.
    Magnify World, a successful global AR/VR business summit, is coming to Toronto for the first time ever for a one-day expo in partnership with Canadian Music Week (CMW) on May 9, 2018 during the Tech Innovation Summit.
    Magnify brings together global and local thought leaders, entrepreneurs, developers, creators and manufacturers to share, collaborate, and discuss Augmented and Virtual Reality–a transformative technology that is expected to be the next-generation computer platform for every sector of the market.
    The VR/AR expo is being held at Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel as part of the Tech Innovation Summit, offers interactive workshops, panel discussions and demonstrations that foster collaboration and new business opportunities.
    Panels will run throughout the day with discussions focused around The Future of Content, Live Events, Platforms, Brands and Intermediaries, Gaming, and the Future of Optics and Wearables, all featuring leading international and local speakers from across film and television, advertising, branding, gaming, optics, sports and live events. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to strut their stuff in front of thought leaders, investors, mentors and buyers.
    One-day Tech Innovation Summit tickets are on sale now for $299. There will limited VIP seats available for this event.          
    We‘re excited by the opportunity to bring future-forward thinking leaders together, and begin a dialogue about how we can continue to excel and monetize this transformative technology while also helping promote the best and brightest of our city, province and country,” says Grant Dexter, Partner, Magnify World North America.
    Neill Dixon, President and CEO of CMW, is thrilled about the new partnership. “VR and AR is being integrated into consumers’ everyday lives in unique and unexpected ways across multiple industries, including all facets of the music and entertainment business. CMW has a history of bringing future-forward technologies to our delegates, and we’ll continue to do so,” says Dixon. Adds Dexter, “There was only one person that I thought of when Matt brought the idea of bringing his incredible Magnify World team and expo here, and that was Neill and CMW. With our plan to expand to two days next year, CMW is the perfect partner.”
    According to Matt Coleman, Global Magnify World’s head of innovation, “Toronto has long been a market we’ve wanted to expand into, as it’s one of the largest technology hubs in North America, adding more technology jobs than Los Angeles and San Francisco together. We’re thrilled to be working with Toronto-based entrepreneur and technologist Grant Dexter, and have been an industry colleague of Neill Dixon for over 10 years. CMW is a conference that’s known for quality and professionalism globally, which matches our core values. And Toronto is an important part of our global plan, which includes Melbourne, Australia on Aug 24-25 and China in 2019.”
    “Magnify World has been on the forefront of augmented and virtual reality for the past three years,” says keynote speaker Barry Sandrew, PhD, Vice Chairman of Magnify World & Chairman of “Our mission is to assemble the world’s best and brightest entrepreneurs once a year for the purpose of displaying the latest innovations in the burgeoning AR/VR industry… an industry that is about to change the way we see and interact with our world. We are very excited that CMW has taken up this opportunity to become part of our global roadshow.”
    How will you see the future? In 3D, high definition, augmented and virtual reality of course… and the future is now!
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    plus speaker and exhibitor/sponsor opportunities
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    Kayley Szanto
    CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK is Canada’s most established music industry conference. Now in its 36th year, it is recognized as one of the premier entertainment events in North America focusing on the business of music. CMW brings together Sound Recording, New Media and Broadcast for one spectacular week of events – combining informative, intensive conferences, a cutting-edge trade exhibition, award shows, film festival, comedy festival and Canada’s biggest New Music Festival. All convention functions take place at the CMW’s host hotel, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel (123 Queen Street West, Toronto M5H 2M9).
    About Magnify World
    Magnify World specializes in augmented reality and virtual reality events, delivering outstanding results in what may be the largest computer platform of our generation. We bring together global thought leaders from brands, business and government to deliver world-class, high-impact and dynamic panels designed to inspire innovation within all sectors of the market.