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Band Information

Katrina Anastasia
Katrina Anastasia
Guitar and Voice
Main Contact
Katrina Yablonski
Label Contact
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Katrina Anastasia

Katrina Anastasia, a 23 year old multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada.
Her sound includes alternative new wave tones with hues of RnB, dream pop, acoustic, nu-disco, folk, and more. Her sound is smooth and alluring, and she continues to experiment with her dynamic range to produce ethereal layered vocals that follow effortlessly with her lyricism, truly an intimate experience for her listeners.

Accompanied by an ear for music, is her eye for fashion and design.
She works harmoniously; curating her style & designs to her music and vice versa.
She inspires others to dress more sustainably by shopping second hand, she also creates one of a kind pieces out of recycled materials.

You can find Katrina on streaming platforms under Katrina Anastasia or on social platforms as Katrina.Anastasia