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Dante Ramsamugh
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Dante Ramsamugh
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JTMI is a triple threat. Not only is he a talented rapper and singer, he is a skilled
and self-taught dancer. His versatile delivery and fluid vocals are what truly set
him apart from his peers.
JTMI grew up in Mississauga, Ontario with parents who had eclectic taste in music.
He was most influenced by lovers rock, soul, R&B and pop. As a teenager, he
developed his passion for hip-hop and trap – more specifically, drill. Chris Brown,
Polo G, Lil Durk and Michael Jackson are just a few of the many artists who have
inspired him.
In 2021 JTMI released his debut single Buncho – a track that totters between drill
and pop, sometimes hard, sometimes smooth, but a banger nonetheless. It’s the
kind of song that makes you want to drive fast, sip slow and pretend that summer
will never end. When you hear the lyrics “we in control no letting go / we don’t
wanna die young,
” you’ll feel like you wrote them.
Buncho is a track that is sure to bring any crowd to its feet and is the perfect
addition to any party playlist. It’s the single that will undoubtedly place JTMI at the
top of any artists-to-watch list in the coming year. Don’t sleep.