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Band Information

Jess Abran
Jess Abran
acoustic guitar
Bob Joy
Electric Guitar
Kyle Lecourt
Main Contact
Jess Abran
Label Contact
Bellini Talent
(514) 290-1252
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Jess Abran

A voice from the Laurentians of rural Quebec, born
to entertain. Jess has been in the entertainment
business her entire life with strong roots in the
music Industry.
She was scouted at an early age by
producer to the stars Paul Northfield who had
produced rock legends such RUSH, Black Sabbath,
Courtney Love and many more.
This lead to her eventual European tour which
allowed Jess to play the infamous Berlin Melt Festival
and expand her network of the Indie scene.
Being a songstress of the 90s you can
find her music reminiscent of the folk-alternative,
Trip-Hop era. Her breathy, textured vocals are a unique song
of the siren that will seduce you out to sea and send
shivers up your spine.