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Ibrahim Ahmed
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Ibrahim Ahmed
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ibxrhm (pronounced i-be-RAHeem) represents the next generation of Toronto’s musical greats. Drawing inspiration from the dark, melodic, and moody sounds of contemporary R&B, iB is excited to share his talent with the world. iB was born to Oromian parents and raised in the heart of downtown Toronto. His older siblings introduced him to 90s/2000s Hip Hop and R&B while they all navigated growing up in Regent Park, Canada’s oldest housing projects. Thefamily would eventually move to Calgary as his parents looked to provide a saferliving environment. Watching from a distance, iB found himself falling in love with the sound of Toronto’s rising music scene through the mainstream as well as the local acts he had grown up with. So much so, that in 2017, he began working relentlessly to cultivate his own sound. His anonymous success in Calgary ultimately pushed him to take a leap of faith and move back to the city where it all started.

Fast forward to today, ibxrhm has been able to take his talents onto local and international stages, including Toronto’s newest venue, HISTORY. He is also a recent graduate of the Remix Project in Toronto – where he was mentored by some of the city’s greatest talents and minds. Having worked with the likes of Rich Kidd, Sunny Diamonds and Daniel Worthy, iB continues to build a name for himself in the Toronto music scene. He has a clear vision of where he wants his career to go, and it’s only a matter of time until he gets there. His debut EP, Living Like I Made It, is out later this year.