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British Columbia
Keegan Jaeckel
Main Contact
Amanda Ker
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Even from a young age, Keegan Jaeckel felt a deep connection to music — he just didn’t know where it may take him.
Now, going by the pseudonym B00sted, the 21-year-old pop/rap artist is making waves across the industry thanks to some creative thinking and a little help from a devoted YouTube following.
“I started making beats in high school, and getting a lot of encouragement from my friends,” he recalled. “I just started focusing on making songs . . . everything just grew from there.”
Since then, his first track, Back, has garnered over 3 million views. And, what began as a small fanbase has continued to grow.
An impressive amount of success for any musician, let alone an independent artist — it wasn’t long before labels started to take notice.
“As a BC artist, everyone knows about 604 Records, so I sent them some songs and got an email back in a week,” he said with a laugh. “The rest is history.”
When it comes to inspiration, that multi-genre musical upbringing has really come in handy.
“I was born into a lot of lyrical stuff growing up before I slowly started getting more into melodies — I combined the two and I feel like it’s very much my sound.”
B00sted says he’s excited to release his latest work, a 7-song EP, set to hit streaming platforms soon.
“I’m like a really big perfectionist, and this EP means a lot. We’re really taking our time and making sure it’s just right. I can’t wait for people to see what I’ve been up to.”