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Band Information

Steven Thomas Sophocles Theodoru
Michael Zoller-Frappier
Bass Guitar
Dave Whelan
James Moore
Chris Wadden
Main Contact
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Burdizzo is the result of an unexpected union of members from various bands in the Toronto music scene. Once a platform to resurrect a disbanded project, the new members were left to decided whether or not to continue. Things were going so well and all were having a great time creating music, that it just felt right to carry on as a new project.

The sound took on a whole new life as the songs were grinding their way out of each member with everyone bringing something unique to the table. With an age range of 20 years between some of the members, you can be rest assured that all aspects of Grind are well respected and loved.

With some members leaving and returning to the fold over the years, the band have now solidified the line up as a four piece and the end result is sharp sonic assault on the senses. With Sophokles on guitar, Miko on vocals, Dave on bass and Chris on drums, this combination rounds out the Grindcore infused atmosphere of chaos that is Burdizzo.

December 3rd, 2016, Burdizzo released their first recording, Acoustic Neuroma. A total of 11 songs in roughly 13 minutes. The bands Sophomore release entitled, Nursery, was unleashed on October 25th, 2019. It coincided with kicking off Day One of Ontario Death Fest VII and it showcased the transition the band underwent in 2019 with 12 explosive tracks.

2020-21 proved to be challenging years for the band, professionally as well as personally as they had to balance spending time promoting Nursery, rebuilding and dealing with current events that affected everyone they know and love.

2023 will yield a new release as the band now have a solid collection of 13 tracks. Once recorded and ready to be released, they will announce the title, artwork and debut a brand new track. Until then, much love and stay safe while doing the daily grind!