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First Round of Showcase Acts Announced for CMW 2014


As CMW is all about discovery, we’re excited to announce the first round of showcase acts selected to perform at CMW 2014 – May 6th to 10th in Toronto. From NME Radar tour headliners to blog buzz acts from New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada, this year’s festival offers something for everyone.

PLUS…stay tuned for BIG announcements coming in January!

1951 (Canada)
[MP.G] My Pet Genius (Canada)
2 Live Drew (Canada)
36? (Canada)
Adrian Underhill (Canada)
Aiza (Canada)
Alfie (Canada)
Allie (Germany)
Animalia (Canada)
Anthony Damiao (Canada)
aRTIST oF tHE yEAR (Canada)
Astral Swans (Canada)
Atom and The Volumes (Canada)
Audego (Australia)
Autopilot (Canada)
Banoffee (Australia)
Beach Season (Canada)
Bearstronaut (USA)
Beau (Canada)
BESTiE (Canada)
Bizzarh (Canada)
Black Mocassins (Canada)
Blake Carrington (Canada)
Bombay Show Pig (Netherlands)
Brandon Chey (Canada)
Brendan Ryder (Australia)
Briagha McTavish (USA)
Brothers of North (Canada)
Buddy Mcneil and the Magic Mirrors (Canada)
Buffalo Tales (Australia)
ByStarlight (Canada)
Cam Smith (Canada)
Cerebral Ballzy (USA)
Chairs (Canada)
Close Talker (Canada)
Cold Capital (Canada)
Colornoise (Costa Rica)
Cowpuncher (Canada)
Dance With Dirt (Denmark)
David Hodges & The Honest Family (Canada)
Dawn and Marra (Canada)
Daybreak Gentlemen (Canada)
Dear Rouge (Canada)
DEON (Singapore)
Diia (Canada)
DiRTY RADiO (Canada)
Distances (Canada)
Emilie & Ogden (Canada)
Eric Zayne (USA)
Eytan Tobin (Canada)
FAIRCHILD (Australia)
Fake Shark-Real Zombie! (Canada)
Fast Romantics (Canada)
Finding Chuck (Canada)
Fine Times (Canada)
Fire/Works (Canada)
Fly Points (Canada)
Forester (Canada)
Frederick (Canada)
Garden City Movement (Israel)
Georgia Murray (Canada)
Goodluck (South Africa)
Half Chance Heroes (Canada)
Handsome Distraction (Canada)
Helen Shanahan (Australia)
HIGHS (Canada)
HMK (Norway)
Hoodlem (Australia)
Hooves (Canada)
Hormoans (Canada)
Human Human (Canada)
Hunting (Canada)
Ian Kelly (Canada)
Invasives (Canada)
Ivy Coast (Canada)
Jaimie Stewart (Canada)
Jane’s Party (Canada)
Jeremy Loops (South Africa)
Jess Reimer (Canada)
Jon Batiste (USA)
Jordie Lane (Australia)
JUICE (Canada)
June Divided (USA)
Kaydee (Canada)
Kayo (Canada)
KC Roberts & The Live Revolution (Canada)
Keiffer & the Curiosity Club (Canada)
Kevin Lester (USA)
Kirty (Canada)
Lake Forest (Canada)
Laura Roy (Canada)
Le Trouble (Canada)
Lindy Vopnfjörd (Canada)
Little Suns (Canada)
Luca Fogale (Canada)
Lydia Hol (Canada)
LYON (Canada)
Lyon Apprentice (Australia)
Maldito (Canada)
Maneli Jamal (Canada)
Maps (Canada)
Mark Wilkinson (Australia)
Marta Pacek (Australia)
Mattyboh (Canada)
Maylee Todd (Canada)
Mia Dyson (Australia)
Michael Cassidy (United Kingdom)
Minus The Tiger (Netherlands)
Mise en Scene (Canada)
Mobina Galore (Canada)
Money For Rope (Australia)
Mt Warning (Australia)
muGz (Canada)
My Heart Belongs to Cecilia Winter (Switzerland)
Neon Dreams (Canada)
Nicole Ariana (Canada)
Night Panther (USA)
Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children (Denmark)
Oh No! Yoko (Canada)
Okta Logue (Germany)
One Bad Son (Canada)
Open AIR (Canada)
Ourfold (United Kingdom)
Overseas (Costa Rica)
Parade of Light (USA)
Paradise Animals (Canada)
Paul Kasner (Canada)
Perrion (USA)
Pet Sun (Canada)
Pigeon Park (Canada)
Pimpton (Canada)
Pistol George Warren (Canada)
Quake Matthews (Canada)
Rend (Canada)
Rich Kidd (Canada)
Royal Creatures (Canada)
SATURNS (Canada)
Sc Mira (Canada)
SCHILLER (Germany)
Sea Perry (Canada)
Secret Broadcast (Canada)
Shaky Knees (Canada)
Short of Able (Canada)
Sietta (Australia)
Sleepy Mean (Canada)
SLUT (Germany)
Sons et al. (Australia)
Speed Control (Canada)
Stalker (United Kingdom)
Stand Up And Say No (Canada)
Starks & Heights (Canada)
Take Part (Canada)
Tei Shi (USA)
The Almighty Rhombus (Canada)
The Archers (Canada)
The Black Lullaby (Australia)
The Bluebirds (Canada)
The Bokononists (Canada)
The Bright Road (Canada)
The Bynars (USA)
The Caravan (Canada)
The Dead Projectionists (Canada)
The Dead South (Canada)
The Dirty Nil (Canada)
The Electric Revival (Canada)
The Franklin Electric (Canada)
The Fugitives (Canada)
The Jason Serious Band (Germany)
The Kerouacs (Canada)
The Little Black Dress (Canada)
The Maladies of Adam Stokes (Canada)
The Meds (Canada)
The Noble Thiefs (Canada)
The Party on High Street (Canada)
The Pistolwhips (Canada)
The Provincial Archive (Canada)
The Rathburns (Canada)
The Revival (Canada)
The River and The Road (Canada)
The Roseville Band (United Kingdom)
The Shoeless Joes (Canada)
The Socials (Canada)
The Wilderness of Manitoba (Canada)
The Wyld (New Zealand)
This Ship (Canada)
This Sound Will Save You (Canada)
Transit (Canada)
Tully on Tully (Australia)
Tupelo Honey (Canada)
Union Duke (Canada)
V For Escargot (Canada)
V.C. (Spain)
Velvet Two Stripes (Switzerland)
Waiting Game (Canada)
Waldo (USA)
We’re Doomed (Canada)
Willhorse (Canada)
Willie Stratton and the Boarding Party (Canada)
Wolf J McFarlane (Canada)
Wolves As Friends (Peru)
Yellerkin (USA)
Yeo (Australia)
Yesterday Shop (Germany)
Zoo Legacy (Canada)
Zopilot! (Costa Rica)
Zula (USA)

And many MANY more to be announced.  All acts who submitted for showcase spots will be notified by February 1, 2014, so don’t worry if you didn’t make this list.

This year’s festival also turns the spotlight on select acts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Confirmed to date are:

Allie (Germany)
Okta Logue (Germany)
SCHILLER (Germany)
SLUT (Germany)
The Jason Serious Band (Germany)
Yesterday Shop (Germany)
My Heart Belongs to Cecilia Winter (Switzerland)
Velvet Two Stripes (Switzerland)

All programming is subject to change. For up-to-the-minute information, announcements and a live schedule, stay tuned to the CMW website.