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Lessons to Be Learned from the ‘Magna Carta’ App’s Privacy Snafu

Jay Z might have the hottest album and mobile app on the market right now, but the flip side of his success includes claims of consumer privacy invasion by the Magna Carta app, sparking an investigation by a U.S. government agency.

Samsung Electronics and, to some extent, Jay Z learned a painful lesson over the past several weeks as fans, reviewers and consumer advocacy groups objected to the app, created to give away 1 million copies of the rapper’s latest album, Magna Carta . . . Holy Grail.

The app generated a maelstrom of malcontent after rapper Killer Mike tweeted a photo of the app requesting permission to access his personal data — including his precise geographic location — and who he’s calling, his friends’ email addresses and social media user names, among other things. After reading the list, Killer Mike declined to install the app, which would have given him a free copy of the $15 album five days ahead of its official release. The app also prompted users to tweet or put up a Facebook post for each of the album’s 16 tracks.

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