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Copyright Review Under the Microscope at World Creators Summit

While U.S. register of copyright Marie Pallente called for Congress to perform a comprehensive review of copyright at the World Creators Summit held yesterday in Washington, DC, other speakers during the day questioned if a surgical rewriting would be more practical to accomplish.

Pallente noted that the U.S. Copyright Office is involved in copyright policy and administration on a daily business and interacts with all stakeholders on all sides of the issue, which gives it a special vantage point.

“We tend to see concerns that are similar rather than unique, and provisions that are related rather than isolated,” she said according to a copy of her speech provided to Billboard. “In looking across genres and business models, we view everything in relation to the statute as a whole. But we also understand that at the center of the equation is the well-being of authors and the health of the creative industries that support them quite simply because this is essential to the success for any system of copyright law.  Authors matter and they should be provided with incentives to continue to create work and protecting their rights.”

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