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Pat Grierson Radio SalesPerson of the Year Award

Deadline for submissions: MONDAY APRIL 22nd 2024, 11:59 est

Nominations are open now for the Pat Grierson Radio SalesPerson of the year Award.  Pat Grierson was an icon in the Canadian radio broadcast sales world and this award recognizes a Canadian Radio sales professional for best in class performance. We look for someone who loves radio sales, embraces new technologies and innovation, and leads by examples who possess that unique Pat Grierson flair.

If you are one of the best at what you do or know someone who is, please  nominate for this annual award.

The winner will be recognized at the RADIODAYS NORTH AMERICA PRESIDENT reception in front of hundreds of Radio industry peers, June 3, 2024, at the Corus Building, and will be awarded $5,000 cash.


  • You are one of the Top Sales leaders in for existing and new business in your organization
  • Motivated to innovate and create new revenue streams or packages
  • Show leadership skills within your sales team
  • Embraces and sell new digital audio sales revenue streams
  • Can define your clear vision about the radio sales industry future 
  • Work with a  Pat Grierson flair in your day to day work life

If this is you or someone you know please nominate!

Please submit a maximum  six sections /paragraphs- no more that page each that clearly gives an examples and evidence each of the six categories above

In the nomination include your name and brief BIO,  current market and get your sales lead /manager to attach a letter that they have review this submission and this is an accurate reflection of your work.

It’s time to shine the light on the BEST in Class.

Good luck!   Remember can’t get a sale without making a call- submit your nomination now!

Pat Grierson: A Legacy of Excellence in Radio Sales

Pat Grierson, a luminary in the radio industry, left an indelible mark through his innovation, leadership, and passion. Born in Cape Town and having lived in London before moving to Toronto in 1972, Pat embarked on a storied career in radio that spanned several decades starting from the 1970s. His early years in the industry were with Standard Broadcasting, which led to his role as president of the Standard Broadcasting Sales Radio division after its acquisition by Slaight in 1985. 

In 1987, Pat was pivotal in the creation of United Broadcast Sales, a merger that amalgamated Western Broadcast Sales and Standard Broadcast Sales, showcasing his vision for collaboration and growth within the sector. His pioneering spirit was further exemplified in 1993, when he founded Canadian Broadcast Sales (CBS), a powerhouse that, under his leadership as president, would come to handle 60% of all national radio sales in Canada. CBS represented an impressive portfolio of 43 broadcasters and over 400 stations across 221 Canadian markets, demonstrating Pat’s significant impact on the industry.

Pat Grierson’s contributions were not limited to his professional achievements; he was a beloved figure known for his love for radio, a passion that was evident in every facet of his career. His legacy lives on through the Pat Grierson Radio Sales Person of the Year Award, an accolade that honors excellence in radio sales, reflecting the values and standards that Pat held dear.

Pat passed away on May 13, 2022, at the age of 77, leaving behind a loving family and a professional community that deeply respects his contributions. His journey from Cape Town to becoming a respected figure in Canadian radio sales is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and the profound impact he had on the radio industry. The Pat Grierson Radio Sales Person of the Year Award seeks to uphold the standards of excellence that Pat represented, inspiring future generations to aspire to greatness in their careers.

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