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Band Information

Yester Daze
Brandon McShad
Matthew Ware
Guitar/Backing Vocals
Zachary Lemay
Marc-Olivier Bourdon
Bass/Backing Vocals/Keys
Main Contact
Brandon McShad
Label Contact
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Yester Daze

Where stadium rock meets underground punk, that’s where you’ll find Yester Daze.
Forming in 2018, the Montreal-based band is fronted by lead singer Brandon McShad with guitarist Zach Lemay, bassist Marc-Olivier Bourdon, and Matt Ware on the drums. Fast friends in the rehearsal space, the boys quickly recognized their natural chemistry and complementary musical personalities.
In 2021, the band introduced their distinct musical identity with Yours to Follow, skillfully bridging heavy riffs with pop melodies and packed with infectious rhythms that serve as odes to the past, the present, and the future.
The band took the next year to focus on maturing while retaining their signature sound. Their sophomore EP, “Nothing, Perfectly,” was born. Wearing their hearts on their sleeve, the EP is filled with their electrifying energy, honest lyricism and stadium sized choruses.
Yester Daze has found a unique sound by combining feel-good grooves and unforgettable melodies alongside high-contrast dynamics. Their lyrics and music combine to form the voice of a generation who’s lost, a generation wanting something better and something new. Hope for tomorrow but remember Yester Daze.