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Band Information

The Get Alongs
Harrisob Pickernell
Vocals, rhythm guitar
Rory Pickernell
Lead guitar
Eric Wood
Tristan Catenacci
Main Contact
Caroline Akwe
Label Contact
Strawberry Hill Records
(818) 651-0534
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The Get Alongs

The Get Alongs are a Toronto based band formed in 2017 by childhood friends Tristan, Eric, and brothers Harrison and Rory. They have released two EPs, ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Tossing Stones,’ along with their debut album ‘Weather Permitting,’ featuring 10 diverse and dynamic songs. Their genre-defying songs conjure a sense of nostalgia for certain fans. and a fresh new feeling for others.

Their music is described as a mix of “surfy garage rock”, alternative rock, and “shoegazy new wave”. Some reviews highlight the band’s eclectic sound: One describes their full-length debut album as a ‘blend of inviting eagerness and cool nonchalance’, reminiscent of artists like Together Pangea, Dinosaur Jr., and Echo & The Bunnymen. Another review from ‘Add to Want List’ praises their classic rock and roll sound, drawing comparisons to The Jesus and Mary Chain’s April Skies. Jiah, who wrote a press release for the band, emphasizes ‘The Get Alongs’ indelible and charismatic presence, noting their rare rowdy camaraderie and shared history of over half a decade. He states that their live performances as a display much like telekinetic intuition.

The Get Alongs share an intimate connection as brothers and friends; which all contributed to the band’s tenacity, excitement, and genuine likability—defining them by their spirited approach to music.

The Get Alongs are ready for an exciting venture into a promising future.. Make sure to buckle up for an exciting ride that is bound to captivate the hearts and ears of many around the world.