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Terry Ngala
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Hope Waknine
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Taigenz, a Montreal-based hip-hop artist, captures the essence of multicultural
dynamism through his music. With roots tracing back to Cameroon, his artistry
serves as a vibrant amalgamation of diverse influences ranging from Trap to
R&B and Afro-beat. The young artist’s vocal tone has been likened to 50 Cent,
while his lyricism and visuals draw comparisons to Wale and Burna Boy. In 2019,
Taigenz made a significant impact with his album Life Ain’t Free, which was
distributed through Slammin Media/Believe Distribution Services. The album’s
standout tracks, such as “Lemme Ball” and “Speak The Truth,” have
accumulated over 100,000 streams from diverse international markets,
including Brazil, Turkey, and Spain.
Taigenz is not just a recording artist; he’s a comprehensive performer. Since the
onset of the pandemic, he has remained consistently engaged with his fanbase
through virtual performances, skits, and live streams. His work has been
recognized, notably winning “Best Infused Hip-Hop Song” at the Indie Grind
Music Awards for his 2021 standalone single “Foolish Money.”
As of 2023, his latest endeavour is the Deluxe Version of his EP Life A Life. With
the lead single “Pas Idée” already enjoying heavy rotation on SiriusXM, Taigenz
is setting new standards in the hip-hop genre. For fans who appreciate the
complexities and nuances in life and music, Taigenz offers not just tracks but life