Melodi Ryan

Melodi Ryan’s acoustic soul-rock aptly showcases her passionate voice, raw, honest lyrics, and striking, inventive melodies. The Ontario songwriter dives deep into both the glow and the burn of life and love.

Both soulful and tongue-in-cheek, Melodi’s music is all about being true to yourself and embracing who you are. Her lyrics are honest and relatable, and her voice seduces listeners with its warmth and authenticity.

Her brand new single “Bleeding Out” is the first movement of a new musical vision which fuses passionate vocals over big drums, deep bass, and dark guitars; drawing from influences like Hozier, Florence and the Machine, and the Black Keys.

“I want my music to inspire anyone looking for permission to give a big F-YOU to expectations and limitations in their lives. I’m going to continue to be the most badass, jackass, authentic version of myself and if I can inspire one person to love themselves enough to leave that toxic situation and be unapologetically who they want to be, I’ve done my job.” -Melodi

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Saturday June 10th, 2023 @

CMW Showcase @ The Paddock Tavern

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Melodi Ryan

, ON
, Canada


Melodi Ryan
Guitar / Keyboards

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