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Melo Griffith
Melo Griffith
Alex Thompson
Jacquev Colaire
Ben Kissner
Jacob Clarke
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Melo Griffith
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Melo Griffith

Melo Griffith is an Alternative-Rap and Indie RnB Artist using hypnotic voicing and colourful lyricism to bend the lines of contemporary hip-hop creativity. Raised in the GTA and molded in Ottawa, Melo has learned to mixed smooth blues and funk influences with a raw adaptation on the inner city Toronto Rap Sound. His ability to use bedroom dream tones and powerful expression allows him build world-like soundscapes eliciting vidid imagery and deep emotion in the music. This is where we truly find a Vivid Imagination Being Evolved by Melo – a VIBE if you will.

As we’ve seen in Melo’s past projects — the debut, CTFO, and the Travis Thickle collaborative EP, The Caves Have Wifi — the artist prides himself in his versatility and vulnerability within the music to both touch on relatable subject matter and story telling, as well as a raw celebration of life. Giving odes to the youthfulness that one should cherish and cheers to the good times (both come and gone), Melo’s goal is leave something incredible and beautiful to be remembered by.

Whether he’s bringing heavy dynamic energy, or gliding on smooth melodies, Melo continues to push the boundaries of his creativity as black-male artist in the Toronto music scene, not allowing himself to be confined to standard rap methodology and instead explores the indie-alternative and bedroom pop sides of his musicality. In one word he is “Rapternative”.