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Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa
Nhlanhla Majozi
Jude Kenrick
Ryan Fray
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Be Kind
(083) 249-2435
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Meet MAJOZI, an artist hailing from the coastal city of Durban, South Africa, who wears his heart on his sleeve and his passions boldly, quite literally inked on his skin. His tattoos serve as enduring symbols of his unwavering faith and deep love for his mother. These profound influences have left an indelible mark on his life and have become the source of inspiration for the music he creates.
In 2013, he burst into the music scene with his captivating debut EP, ‘Marvelous Light’, capturing the attention of audiences across the country. The following year, he signed a deal with Universal Music South Africa, solidifying his artistic journey. With the release of his first full-length album, ‘Fire’, he skyrocketed to the iTunes Top 3, garnering significant recognition within the music industry. This achievement led to a prestigious nomination for Best Adult Contemporary Album at the esteemed South African Music Awards (SAMA) in 2017.
October 2018 marked a significant milestone in MAJOZI’s career as he unveiled his self-titled album, which swiftly garnered widespread acclaim and acknowledgment. The album boasted two chart-topping singles, ‘Waiting’, which he performed as a guest judge on the second season of The Voice, and ‘Somebody’. Notably, the album featured a remarkable collaboration with the illustrious three-times Grammy-winning ensemble, The Soweto Gospel Choir.
Continuing his artistic journey, MAJOZI embarked on exciting ventures in 2022. He dedicated his time to crafting and collaborating with esteemed local talents such as Easy Freak and Janie Bay, while also venturing across borders to team up with Canadian alt-pop duo Neon Dreams. This ongoing exploration of musical partnerships highlights MAJOZI’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries and connecting with diverse artists from around the globe.
From playing at major South African festivals such as Rocking the Daisies, OppiKoppi and K-Day, to touring to Amsterdam and playing alongside local music greats, Francois van Coke and Die Heuwels Fantasties; to opening up for international acts like The Lumineers, Neon Dreams and Calum Scott, MAJOZI
continues to build a loyal fan base, globally, who love his authentic and self-reflective music.
Two years since the release of his last official single, MAJOZI released a brand new offering, entitled ‘Safe In The Sound’ in March 2023. During March, he also fulfilled his lifelong dream and performed at the world renowned 2023 SXSW Music Festival. As South African, he joined other artists from across the globe ranging from up-and-comers to veterans of the worldwide music industry.
April 2023 saw the release of another new single, entitled ‘Honest’ and his third single for the year, ‘I’ll Be There’ – a powerful declaration of unconditional and divine love – was released in June.
In August 2023, MAJOZI releases ‘Mi Amor’, a collaboration with MTHANDAZO and his fourth official release for the year; a song about finding love and never wanting to let it go with beautiful song lyrics in Zulu and English.
On 3 November 2023, MAJOZI released his brand new album, A GREAT EXCHANGE, his first official full length offering in 5 years. The release of the album comes with the release of MAJOZI’s 5th single for the year, namely ‘Far Away’.
MAJOZI started writing the songs from the album just over two years ago – a process he describes as a journey of sharing creativity and allowing what has been on his heart, to come out through his songs. With themes such as love, vulnerability and reflection – MAJOZI was specifically focused on being as honest as he could be throughout the writing process. He also wrote a few songs with different writers such as Will Linley, Levi Rowan, Steve McKellar and Amy Lilley.
For A GREAT EXCHANGE, MAJOZI had the privilege of working with a variety of producers such as Ewald Jansen Van Rensburg, Loki Rothman, Dolf, Mikhaela Faye and Greg Abrahams. With each of them bringing their own uniqueness to the songs, MAJOZI describes the collaborations as ‘a great pleasure to work with all these brilliant minds’. He also chose the name of the album as a reflection of working together
“I chose the name, A GREAT EXCHANGE because this is the most people I’ve ever
worked with on a project creatively. There’s something special about creating with others; there’s an openness that happens, an exchange of ideas, and emotions that’s really powerful and hard to describe. It’s something great and almost spiritual. This project is an exchange of all that and more, and ultimately this is my exchange to God, as well as offering to God if you will.”
A GREAT EXCHANGE serves as a testament as to where MAJOZI is currently in his music career: “I think I understand the concept of love way more now than when I started, and I’m much more open to working with others and just allowing the music to come rather

than trying to force it out. Maybe I’m more mature, but I’m also still the same in a lot of ways.”
MAJOZI’s music exudes a refreshing sincerity, which is matched by his genuine and respectful approach towards others in the industry. It is this contagious spirit of kindness, combined with his raw talent, that captured the attention of the internationally acclaimed company, Fender. As a testament to his remarkable abilities, he proudly holds the esteemed position of being one of only three ambassadors for Fender in South Africa.
Beyond his exceptional vocal abilities, MAJOZI’s skill set extends to guitar, keys, and drums. He views his music as a profound avenue for skillfully expressing his uplifting perspective on the world. With an unwavering commitment, he aspires to continue touching the lives of others and offering encouragement through his music for many years to come.
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