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Band Information

Lockyer Boys
Thunder Bay/Toronto
Charlie Lockyer
Vocals, Keys, Guitar
Will Lockyer
Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Main Contact
John Lockyer
Label Contact
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Lockyer Boys


The Lockyer Boys (Will and Charlie Lockyer) are brothers, singers, instrumentalists, producers, and “a duo destined for stardom” – To the Point Music USA. Starting from a young age, the Boys were show-stoppers at concerts, entertaining crowds with harmonies and stage presence far beyond their years. Now, they impress multiple sold-out venues including opening positions for the Barenaked Ladies, Fefe Dobson, Coney Hatch and more.

At just 19 and 21, they have gathered years of experience in the studio working with Grammy-nominated producer Jeff Dawson (Global hit “Bad Day”) and Grammy-winning producer Mikal Blue (OneRepublic, Colbie Caillat) as well as other acclaimed producers/writers Brian Howes (Nickelback, Daughtry), Shawn Hook, Scott Helman. With Dawson they released their earliest singles, earning over 300k streams and a feature with Platinum artist Mathieu Koss “Make it up as we go”.