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Band Information

JIN the Band
Niagara Falls
Nicole Cerminara
Guitar and Vocals
Joe Cerminara
Bass and Vocals
Myles Rogers
Main Contact
Nicole Cerminara
Label Contact
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JIN the Band


Nicole Cerminara, her blood brother Joseph Cerminara, and Myles Rogers, have spent the 5 years since they’ve met pushing and challenging each other. It’s most obvious live: the band’s telekinetic-like dynamic forged by the timeless crucible of countless 3 set gigs spent improvising entire movements of blues, psychedelia and rock and roll, and finding inspiration in long dances with the musically unknown.

During the writing and recording process of their debut concept album, “Peggy and Her Ongoing Adventures in Wonderland”, a home grown, all analog studio was formed and learned. The music itself; a weaving landscape of classic songwriting and deep string movements one moment, a rolling wave of Hendrix – esque riff rock the next, while feeding nostalgia, still feels radical and different to its predecessors, tipping hats here and there while breaking expectations by playing with cliches in the formula. It’s a middle finger to the modern pop world.

There are clear inspirations with JIN. It’s hard not to see a diverse and long list of legends before them, each providing their own flavour to a new, refreshing dish. But perhaps the band shines most due to its unapologetic authenticity, instinctual musical chemistry and emboldened drive to prove the scenic route worthy in an era of music that’s a quick drive down the road.