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Andrew Cassara
Andrew Cassara
Matan Zelikovitz
Electric Guitar
Anthony Borek
Austin Gembora
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Steve Gardiner
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Andrew Cassara

Andrew Cassara is a Canadian recording artist based out of Canada, who has recently temporarily relocated to Mexico City to tour. With over 9 years of song writing under his belt, a compilation album of 10 singles, a debut album, “Freak On Repeat (2020), and an upcoming album “Rock Boom Baby” (2024), Andrew continues to grow his fanbase and international profile as a dynamic entertainer.

Andrew sonically and visually channels the glitz and glitter of 70’s era pop and disco while sounding cutting-edge and strategically current. Music has been Cassara’s go to means of expression since first hearing the Backstreet Boys at age four. “They were so inspiring. When I was a kid, I won a karaoke contest singing and dancing to their songs. That experience really paved the way for my passion for music and entertaining.”

Cassara thrives on bringing his high energy music to the live stage. Playing live is his passion, and the music serves as a catalyst for his love of travelling, experiencing world cultures, and indulging in international cuisine. He has travelled and performed on tours, in showcases and festivals all over the world, and has built a dedicated fanbase.

Andrew has well over a million lifetime streams accumulated and has built a strong global fan community (Cassara Crew) where he prides himself in engaging with them in a space where culture, diversity and inclusion are the main pillars. That said, Cassara’s insistence on replacing negatives with positives and his desire to lift people up permeates in every tune he writes. The final track on the “Freak on Repeat” album sums it up handily with the slogan, ‘Stay Rockin’. “That’s my motto,” Cassara says; his way of dealing with whatever life throws his way.

On top of his musical contributions, Andrew has also honed his business skills and along with his manager/producer and has launched several industry companies offering services from distribution to marketing for up-and-coming artists.

Andrew remains intent on spreading Freak on Repeat’s soulful mix of old and new school funk, disco and pop. He wants his positive message of hope and affirmation to reach people far and wide. With a handful of singles released in 2023, including a cover of Duran Duran’s track “I Don’t Want Your Love”, which includes a chorus in Spanish for his fans from Latin America, Cassara says “Right now, it’s time for a new album and to get back out on the road for 2023/2024”