Year: 2022

Shiroh “Onta” Kawaguchi

Project Marketing & International PR Manager ,
Creativeman Productions

Onta Shiroh Kawaguchi, as known simply as “Onta” has been a musician and producer since 1980s.

Joined Creativeman Productions, Tokyo based promoter’s company, in 2004, got involved in international music business transactions, and started to help promoting international acts…… European, Canadian, Asian artists in Japan at festivals, such as Summer Sonic, Loud Park, Springroove, Greenroom, and at many international showcases, etc…

Onta is a familiar face and a sought-after panelist in international music business gatherings all over the world. Has attended at many music conventions and panels in UK, Canada, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Taiwan, China, Korea, etc.. Main focus now is to market International acts, and Japanese-Asian artists to promote through APAC, North East~ South East Asian music circuit. And also focusing to coordinate a new business interaction after COVID-19.

Was awarded The Tampere Music Award 2016 in Finland for Exceptional Achievement. And the name, Onta Shiroh Kawaguchi is now carved on The Walk of Fame in Tampere, Finland.

In 2022, Onta is energetically in the promotion for Summer Sonic, which is restarting for the first time after COVID-19 pandemic.