Year: 2022

Patrick Curley

Third Side Music

Patrick Curley is an entertainment lawyer and the president and co-founder of Third Side Music, a 100% independently owned synchronization licensing & copyright administration company based in Los Angeles & Montreal with worldwide reach.   

Third Side Music represents over 75,000 titles by a wide variety of artists.  We were founded in 2005 and are staffed by a large team of hard-working music industry veterans, musicians, and copyright data obsessives.

Third Side Music is a transparent and equitable destination for career musicians. A company founded on a deep and solid DIY attitude that treats artists as partners and not as commodities. We have no third party equity partners.  We are financially beholden to no-one except the musicians/songwriters we love to work with.

As a lawyer, Patrick Curley has twenty-five years of experience handling business affairs in the music industry.   As a music publisher he is a member of the Board of Directors of SOCAN and Chair of the Reproduction Committee of SOCAN Reproduction Rights.  He is also a member of the  Mechanical Licensing Collective’s Unclaimed Royalties Oversight Committee, and sits on the National Music Publisher Association’s Independent Publisher Advisory Committee.