Year: 2022

Lloyd Hummel

Executive Vice President, Global Commercial Strategy,
Ingrooves Music Group

Lloyd Hummel is the EVP of Global Commercial Strategy for Ingrooves Music Group. He has 20+ years of experience in music distribution and currently leads multiple global teams, including commercial partnerships, video services, physical product sales, and artist and label marketing. Working across all departments, his mission is to leverage Ingrooves’ best-in-class technology, insights, and cohesive global team to empower label partners to build their businesses and grow their artists’ fanbases more efficiently and effectively.

Hummel joined Ingrooves Music Group when the company acquired Fontana Distribution in 2012. He held various management, marketing, and sales roles at Universal Music Group before Ingrooves. He began his career in music retail in Phoenix as a buyer with Zia Records and a co-founder of the independent record store Hoodlums Music.