Year: 2021

Junia Abaidoo

Co-Founder/Chief Operating Officer,
LVRN Records

As co-founder of Love Renaissance, a record label boasting artists who are leading the resurgence of R&B’s popularity, it’s hard to believe that Junia Abaidoo wasn’t wholly raised in a city that’s a hotbed for the tunes he’s pushing today. It’s true though; He was born in Ghana and stayed for just over a year before his parents moved the family to Saskatchewan, Canada and then eventually Atlanta, GA during his teenage years.

Junia went on to attend Georgia State University in Atlanta. With a passion for music and the culture behind him, he studied journalism, writing for music blogs and the GSU newspaper in his free time, before eventually switching his major to marketing. Outside of school, Junia, & GSU classmates Carlon Ramong, Sean McNichol, Justice Baiden & Tunde Balogun would go on to form the beginnings of Love Renaissance (LVRN), with some of them working day jobs at Nordstrom, and other entry level jobs and committing to throwing their paychecks (and income from selling their cars and sneakers) into a group pot to subsidize video and event activation budgets. Since then LVRN has discovered and nurtured multi-platinum acts (Virginia singer DRAM, Atlanta soul singer Summer Walker and Atlanta singer/rapper 6lack) and brokered a joint venture label deal with Interscope in 2017. They also have established a premier studio in the heart of Atlanta for the networking and continued growth of their label.

Over the past few years Junia and his partners have had several stories from publications such as Billboard and Forbes document their rise in the industry, as well as having been named to Billboard’s Hip Hop/R&B Power Players List for the year 2019.