Year: 2021 | 2022

Jennifer Brown


Jennifer Brown has more than two decades of strategic experience in rights management, licensing, advocacy and support for music creators and publishers.

Before her appointment to CEO in April 2020, Jennifer held progressive leadership positions as Vice President of SOCAN’s Licensing department before taking on the role of Senior Vice President Operation & Reproduction Rights in 2018.

Her accomplishments at SOCAN include the successful acquisition of SODRAC and establishing SOCAN Reproduction Rights, guiding the company’s Licensing department to record-setting revenue results, establishing SOCAN’s cost-effective and strategic re-structuring, and the introduction of new and innovative customer-facing tools, all of which have resulted in improved revenue collection efforts.

Jennifer Brown grew up in a family that depended on music royalties literally to put bread on the table. She understands the importance of fair music rights for working music creators and publishers, and she has brought that innate appreciation to her career in the music industry.