Year: 2021

Govindh Jayaraman

Head Coach/Team Lead ,
IMBA Medical

A portfolio entrepreneur, Govindh started his first business in 1990 while in my first year studying commerce at University. Since then, Govindh has founded or partnered in more than a dozen companies. From contracting to software, and health care to renewable fuels.

Govindh started his first technology company in 1996 when Govindh began shipping computers overseas. The company grew and diversified into software development over the next two years developing real- time XML transcoding software and a database scraping tool that delivered SMS messages to users based on pre-defined criteria.

Returning to tech in 2015, he founded IMBA Medical – focused on helping healthcare, insurance and employers deliver the health and wellness care they want to be known for. Since that time, IMBA’s platform called Take Action has become a leader in supporting Chronic Disease Prevention and Wellness in populations large and small.

Via the Take Action platform, IMBA is a Leading provider of diabetes prevention program (DPP) support in the US and Canada. With this momentum we launched a first-in-Canada employee wellness and chronic disease prevention platform for employers, insurers and institutions called Healthy @ Home in 2020.

IMBA believes in a vision where every human has access to the care they need. We are committed making it a reality.

Govindh is also the author of the bestselling book and host of the podcast by the same name, “Paper Napkin Wisdom.”