Year: 2022

Estelle Morrison, M.Ed., RP

Psychotherapist and Co-Founder,
Therapy Now Mental Health Coaching

Estelle Morrison is an industry leader, Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional for over 25 years, who is committed to address the mental health crisis in a truly meaningful way. Her career history includes senior leadership of clinical services for several Canadian and Global Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAP) where she spearheaded the creation, development, training and delivery of all mental health programs and staff.  Estelle has provided support and training for hundreds of executives and employees globally.  She has also provided crisis management for first responders, as well as local and large-scale trauma interventions including 9/11, SARs and most recently the Covid-19 pandemic.

Estelle has enjoyed a long-standing private psychotherapy practice, providing direct service using creative and intuitive clinical approaches across a wide range of mental health concerns.  She facilitates a variety of workplace training programs, including those for leaders supporting employee mental health and wellbeing.

One key area of expertise and clinical focus has been with those who work in the world of performance arts, including television, film and the music industries.

Estelle is a huge proponent of preventative mental health programming and has an extensive history of expanding accessibility through digital and virtual means. Therapy Now Mental Health Coaching Program, set to launch this year, is a result of the joint venture collaboration between co-founders Estelle Morrison and Peter Karroll.  Therapy Now Mental Health Coaching has been created to expand and re-define mental health services to reach large populations in the most effective and meaningful way.   It addresses the need for improved mental wellbeing which does not require intensive psychotherapy.   In a time where mental health services are inaccessible for many, Mental Health Coaching addresses the need for a strength-based approach that helps create successful experiences and realized goals.   With prevention and early intervention at its core, Mental Health Coaching is set to assist people who can focus on the present and future to restore joy, success, connection and purpose.