Year: 2021

Clare Goodchild

Organise Chaos

As Co-Director of Organise Chaos, Clare has delivered outdoor mass gatherings for over 15 years.

Specialising in Event Operations and Safety, Clare has worked internationally including shows in Iceland and Europe. Through the years, she has worked with events ranging from Glastonbury to Google, and from ITV to the Tour de France.

With a passion for learning and a desire to deliver safe events, Clare has always endeavoured to further her education and training, and was one of the first in the country to be accepted on an MSc in Crowded Places & Public Safety Management. With a passion for developing the next generation of event leaders, Clare also teaches at BIMM and Coventry universities; and is a an industry mentor to women starting out in the festival sector.

Clare is currently working as part of the AIF / DCMS working group, creating reopening guidance for the outdoor event industry.