Byron Pascoe

Entertainment Lawyer/Partner,
Edwards Creative Law

Byron Pascoe is an entertainment lawyer and partner with Edwards Creative Law ( Byron focuses on music law and works with recording artists, producers, managers, music service businesses, festivals and investors. Before law school, he was a television and new media producer. Based in Ottawa, Byron works with clients across Canada. He’s an active participant in initiatives to provide legal education to artists from coast to coast.

I am happy to propose ideas for a Quebec-focused session, but don’t suggest I personally be included in a session being pitched as focused on Quebec as I am not a Quebec lawyer, and for that reason don’t take on Quebec-based clients regarding Quebec legal matters.

How about some from the Montreal-based publishing company Third Side? Perhaps someone representing one of the festivals such as Metro Metro Festival or Fuego Fuego Festival? I am speaking soon with the director of those festivals and can ask if someone is available.