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Andrea Morris

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Andrea Morris, of AM to FM Promotions, has worked in the music industry in the US, UK and Canada.  Her career started as a radio personality in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  She quickly moved from the midnight shift to mid-days and the job of music director.  It was the first of several music director positions she held. 

Andrea left the music industry for five years when she moved to Los Angeles to work in market research.  Her move to England brought her back into the world of music.  She lived in Manchester during the heyday of the Hacienda and the Manchester music scene.  During that time, Andrea hosted a late night radio show on Picadilly Key 103.  Stints at a few other stations followed, and then it was time to return to her home country, the US.

She moved to her home town, Cleveland, Ohio, and took a position as the afternoon drive announcer and music director on WNWV.  Needless to say, she reestablished valuable industry contacts, which eventually led to her being offered the job as regional radio promotions manager for IRS Records.  She also worked for Discovery and Sire Records before moving to Canada. 

Her first gig in Toronto was not at a label, but at MIX 99.9 as a fill-in announcer.  She left there for the Ontario promo job at SONG Corp, and then became the national director of promotions for the company.  She also held that position at Linus Records.

In 2004, Andrea decided to put her knowledge and contacts to work for herself and launched AM to FM Promotions, a full service, independent radio promotions company.  While the primary focus of the company is radio promotion, clients have also been provided with international label contacts and tour promotion.

Andrea’s years as a music director makes her a natural promo person, as she has a keen understanding of what life is like on “the other side.”   She knows how to get the job done, and has a track record to prove it. 

Andrea is always looking for innovative ways to promote the artists she works with. In 2023, she developed a unique showcase – North of Nashville, which gave her artists a chance to showcase in front of key programmers from major radio chains across Canada. The documentary film chronicling this event, “North of Nashville- A Canadian Music Revolution” won several awards in film fests in the United States, and has been well received around the world.

Radio personality/music director in US – Cleveland and North Carolina
Radio personality on Piccadilly KEY 103 in  Manchester, England
Radiio personality on MIX 99.9, Toronto, Canada


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