Rick Lee

Program Manager,
Corus Entertainment, Toronto

Radio stops include Calgary, Regina, Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, and the centre of Alberta. Twenty years on-air and four years in management overseeing Hamilton and Toronto.

Is still very active with his alma mater, NAIT in Edmonton. He’s been awarding his Rick Lee Scholarship (appropriately named) for over a decade to students vying to get into the industry.

Cruise to Alaska was cut short for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. Rick actually jumped ship and travelled 23 hours to get to London, England. He then waited 12 hours in the Queen Queue. True story.

Know that under ‘Lee’ will be his name on the upcoming mayoral election. Yes, Rick garnered 25 signatures and will be on the Toronto ballot. And no, he will not be debating nor campaigning.

Rick hosted last year’s panel of Inclusion and Diversity: Real Stories, Real People at Canadian Music Week.

SOCIALS: @ricksoffair | Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/ricksoffair