Joe Knapp

MusicMaster (A-Ware Software)

Brookfield, WI, USA

MusicMaster President, Joseph Knapp, created MusicMaster in 1983. Knapp, an engineer, radio programmer and on-air personality for several stations in Ohio and Wisconsin, believed that the decision-making process of selecting music for airplay could best be done using computers.

In 1983, Knapp began writing a program he called Revolve, meant to improve the rotation of songs for airplay. Previously, music scheduling had been done by hand, as disc jockeys selected a song card from the front of a stack, played the track, and returned the card to the back of the stack to ensure that it was equally rotated with all available songs.

With the use of computers, better decisions could be made based on a set of programmable rules. For instance, the rule of artist separation would ensure that two songs by the same artist needed to be separated by a given amount of time.

Knapp is the father of 3 adult children, has an extensive rare record collection, enjoys travel, and makes his residence in Dallas, TX.