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RadioActive ’22 -
The Future of Audio

Canadian Music Week’s annual audio expo: accelerating into 2022 and beyond!

Year: 2022

Trevor Shand

Imaging Director ,
KROQ FM Los Angeles
Trevor grew up in Canada engulfed in the indie music scene as a guitar player and on the air as a radio personality in his teens. Moved to Boston to join a major label band, toured North America and returned to a broadcasting career that started at Kiss 925 in Toronto, eventually landing him as the creative imaging director of the world famous KROQ in Los Angeles. He has been the voice for Disney XD, the Outdoor Life Network, projects for the likes of Adult Swim and 20th Century Fox films and voice, imaging and on air host for over 20 radio stations across Canada. He is currently behind the audio branding of the sound of alternative radio in the US including KROQ, Alt 923 New York and over a dozen others. As an obsessive horror fan, he co-created The Boo Crew Podcast in 2018 joining the Bloody Disgusting Network. The Boo Crew has welcomed everyone from Danny Elfman to Elvira, Phoebe Bridgers to Mike Flanagan, Gerard Way, Korn’s Jonathan Davis and hundreds of others, most recently expanded into a TV show on BD’s linear Roku channel. In 2021, he joined along with his wife, Lauren, billboard charting songwriter and filmmaker Krsy Fox and Spider One, singer of the platinum selling rock band Powerman 5000, to form the successful original horror anthology podcast, Bleeders Diegest.