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Year: 2022

Arif Noorani

Director of Podcasts,

Arif Noorani is the Director of CBC Podcasts, leading content, development and strategy. He co-launched CBC Podcasts in 2015, growing the studio into an internationally recognized leader in the field, garnering more than 70 million downloads annually. He has helped develop more than 40 original series, such as the international hit Someone Knows Something; 12 seasons of Uncover including Escaping NXIVM; The Village; Love Me; Other People’s Problems; Personal Best and, most recently, the critically acclaimed trilogy on extremism; The Flamethrowers, White Hot Hate and Boys Like Me

He brings more than 30 years of experience in journalism having worked as a print reporter, producer, programmer, creator and entrepreneur. His career includes experience leading arts and film festivals; executive producing Day 6 and Q; and producing programming in different locations around the world.